CASTLEFORD ALL STARS Community Gymnastics Club is British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Scheme Classes for all the community.

Using the Proficiency & Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards we have classes to suit Beginners & Advanced children.

Both BOYS & GIRLS classes are available from age 4yrs upwards

We have GymFitCore sessions most weekdays for our parents & children 14yrs+

Also FAMILY FITNESS for parents & children from  6yrs on Tuesdays

(Please see our GymFitCore page for information & times)

Badge Classes & Times are as follows…


BEGINNER/GIRLS aged 4yrs……9-10am

BEGINNER/GIRLS aged 5-6yrs……10-11am

BEGINNER/GIRLS aged 7-8yrs……11am-12pm

BEGINNER/GIRLS aged 9-11yrs……12-1pm

ADVANCED GIRLS aged 5-8yrs…….2-4pm

ADVANCED GIRLS aged 9-11yrs…….4-6pm

(all 1hr classes are suitable for beginners & any gymnasts still working on Proficiency badges)



BEGINNER/GIRLS aged 4yrs……4-5pm

ADVANCED GIRLS aged 5-8yrs……5-7pm


BEGINNER/GIRLS aged 5-6yrs……4-5pm


BEGINNER/GIRLS aged 7-8yrs……4-5pm

ADVANCED GIRLS aged 9-11yrs……5-7pm


BOYS aged 4-5yrs……4-5pm

BOYS aged 6+yrs……5-7pm


BEGINNER/GIRLS aged 9-11+yrs……4-5pm

ADVANCED GIRLS aged 12+yrs……5-7pm


(2hr classes are suitable for gymnasts who have already achieved Proficiency badges & are working on BRONZE, SILVER & GOLD AWARDS (or have already performed at other gymnastics facilities-at Advanced level)

All 1 hour classes are £6 per session & all members pay a monthly charge of £24 x 12pa 

All 2 hour classes are £10 per session & all members pay a monthly charge of £40 x 12pa

All members attending 2 x 1hr classes pay a monthly charge of £40 x 12pa

All members attending 2 x 2hr classes pay a monthly charge of £64 x 12pa

(monthly charges allow 48 sessions per year-any extra weeks booked by the club will be refunded)

Charges are to guarantee members their place therefore there will be no refunds for non attendance.

If a child has to miss sessions due to serious medical issues then a temporary reduced rate can be put in place.

This will be  £12pm for 1hr classes & £20pm for 2hr classes & £32pm for 2 x 2hr classes.

Please make sure you pay for all your sessions…as failure to pay for any sessions may risk your child losing their place to another paying member…our club cannot afford to hold places without payment.

Class places are limited so please book your place via our contact page

For more information please email us: