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Head Coach Ange Marsh

Head Coach
Ange Marsh

Hello…I’m Ange & I’ve been involved in coaching gymnastics since 1999

Qualifying as an assistant coach in 2000 & Fully Qualified Club Coach in 2002

I love gymnastics & what it can offer kids in the way of general physical ability but also in mental confidence, spacial awareness, flexibility, core strength etc

All kids can do gymnastics & I have coached all types of kids with very different attitudes…both in clubs & in schools for many of those years, mainly after school clubs.

Kids just need the opportunity to learn progressions in a safe environment & they will attempt anything.

Schools have also booked me to provide curriculum courses for helping them to teach gymnastics in PE

My main coaching has been with the same Women’s Artistic Club for 17yrs though I have assisted at various clubs over the years & even ran a General Club for 6yrs alongside my main classes.

Their journey is my passion & I focus on each child’s needs, building their confidence & competence so they can develop into gymnasts of varying abilities…not all want to go to the Olympics…some just want do be upside down a lot! That’s fine too. Some want to compete & some indeed will go to the very top of their sport…they all start in the same classes…it’s always a joy to watch them grow into amazing people.

As my main interest is in their foundation, I liaise with coaches from all the gymnastics clubs in the Yorkshire area so every child gets to achieve what they are prepared to work for. Often that means taking them to trials at other clubs so they can move on to higher & higher levels.

Many of the gymnasts I have coached have transferred & since competed Nationally & Internationally…even joining Team GB…nothing is out of reach for the gymnast with the right attitude.

Some have left & used their new found skills to great success in other sports.

Most however are happy to learn new moves & have fun at gym with their friends & that’s what we offer at Castleford All Stars…a fun way to learn & grow in a safe environment.

Whatever they decide to do in life I hope I can help to set them on a good track.

Being active & healthy is so important to everyone…CAS teaches this from a very young age…with the hope they will adopt a healthy attitude for life.



VOLUNTEERING is an essential part to the running of a successful not for profit sports club

All volunteer helpers can choose how much they would like to get involved & which classes they would like to help in. If any volunteers like the idea of becoming a coach there are courses they can attend via British Gymnastics…we will help all we can to mentor our volunteers & potential coaches so the future of our sport is secure.


Please ask for details via our email… …if you are interested in helping in any way

Thank You